Placing orders by wizard:

  • 1. Login / Register
    Please log. If you do not have an account on our website, click on Create an account!. When creating an account please pay attention to the correctness of information supplied, especially - contact details (needed later for delivery).

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  • 2. Order Form

    After logging in you will be automatically redirected to a webpage containing the order form:


  • 3. Options of the order form

    The following options are available:

    1. Was this project ordered before? – after clicking YES you will see Enter the project ID, to select from drop-down menu. If you wish to resume your order, a new order will be created with data derived from previously specified order.

      Select old order

    2. Type of project – Please specify whether the assembly applies to individual boards or panels (Multi Block);

      ATTENTION! After assembly and inspection the panels are separated into single boards by a separator. If you wish the boards to remain in the form of Multiblock, please tell us in: Customer Notifications
    3. Assembly - please specify the type of assembly: SMT (Surface Mount Technology), THT (Through Hole Technology), SMT and THT (mixed);

    4. Please specify the dimensions and numbers of ordered boards or panels:

      PCB dimensions formPCB panel dimensions form

    5. If you do not have a stencil for the SMT the ordered project, please select YES in: Realization of SMT stencil steel. Some additional options will become available, such as The type of machining the SMT stencil and Thickness of the SMT stencil (mm). Please remember that the stencils made by etching process are significantly less accurate than laser-cut stencils:

      SMT stencils order

    6. To perform the order, technology files are necessary (described in KNOWLEDGE BASE) and a file: List of components (Bill of Materials – BOM). Please send them via our form. If you intend to provide us with electronic parts necessary to execute your order, please inform us in: Customer Notifications. Before sending the Components list, please adjust the file format to requirements indicated in white table:

      Load BOM and technological files

      Your Components list will allow the initial valuation of the project. It is worth noting that each change in the order form automatically updates the values in valuation table:

      Price list

      ATTENTION! After sending your order you will receive a detailed quotation on Proforma invoice.

    7. Please specify Type of solder alloy. Please be aware that all approved electronic devices in the European Union must be made in accordance with the RoHS directive.

      Solder alloy

    8. Please indicate whether assembled boards are to be additionally packed in ESD bags. ESD bags are antistatic and provide a barrier to protect against moisture (bags are welded).

      Normal or ESD bags

    9. All additional information about the project, please type in the Customer Notifications window. After checking the correctness of data entered, click Send to complete your order.

      Customer notifications

  • 4. Sending your order

    After clicking on Send the correctness of the data in the order form is checked. If there are errors on the form, failed text boxes will be marked for correction. If the form is filled correctly, you will receive the following information:


    Checking status of your orders:

    • 1. Follow-up message

      After your order is registered in the system you will receive information and guidance how to further proceed, to be sent to your e-mail address (provided at registration):


    • 2. Your orders

      In accordance with instructions contained in the follow-up e-mail, please go to Your orders. It contains information on contracts which are currently under execution and the history of completed orders and canceled (orders older than a year are automatically deleted by order management system). Notifications allows you to consult a technician who executes your order. His responses may be found in Information. Status contains information about the progress of your order (provided by our technician). Additional design requirements is important where you may add technology files, if they were omitted when placing your order. You may also download a Proforma invoice (once it’s issued):