We offer:

Technical assistance in preparing for electronics assembly:

  • Panel creation (multiblock);
  • Application of reference points (necessary to program SMT machine).

Supply of printed circuit boards (PCB), made strictly according of specification given by the Customer;

Supply and completing electronic components (SMD and THT), in accordance with the guidelines of the Customer;

Creation of stencil (etched or lasercut) for application of solder paste or adhesive;

 Assembly of electronic parts:

  • SMD - automatic (single or dual layer);
  • THT - semi-automatic (and / or complementary manual assembly);
  • In both cases (a) and (b) it is possible to use solder alloys:
  • lead,
  • lead free (RoHS compliant);
  • Bonding of SMD electronic components (recommended for assembly of large components on both sides);
  • Reflow soldering (SMD) in a convection oven (with automatic control of soldering profile) or wave soldering (THT) by soldering unit;
  • Cutting PCB panel (Multi Block) on single modules;
  • Quality control of mounting.


Service festure:

  • Assembly of SMD and THT electronic parts supplied by AssemTec Europe or by the Customer;
  • Production of prototypes, mass production;
  • Projects and information received from the Customers are treated as confidential and, if necessary, non-disclosure agreement is signed;
  • Each project is priced individually on the basis of documentation supplied by the Customer and based on information on the type and size of the order (approximate cost of assembly services can be calculated using CALCULATOR);
  • AssemTec Europe may keep project documentation to facilitate our Customers make repeat orders;
  • Discounts for regular Customers.


AssemTec Europe
AssemTec Europe