Within the scope of our activities we offer software design in C language for embedded systems. We deliver complete software solutions for a given electronic device, as well as projects for individual software
modules (software development). Our projects implement the following general-purpose microcontrollers, e.g.:

  • for simple construction: 8-bit (8051, AVR or PIC);
  • for more advanced design: 16-bit (MSP430);
  • for high performance computing design: 32-bit (ARM).

In addition, we are able to implement projects for microcontrollers / microprocessors for special applications, e.g. Digital signal processors (DSP). DSPs from Texas Instruments C5000 are one of those.

We specialize in programming devices for applications:

  • in medical;
  • in automotive;
  • in the industrial automation;
  • RTV/Household.

In addition to software projects for embedded systems we also deliver programming orders that involve software development for Microsoft Windows® compliant PCs. Our software is usually based WinAPI technology, as well as on other technologies and programming libraries:

  • GDI/GDI+ /Graphics Device Interface/ - for development of processing applications of 2D graphics or based (e.g. to create charts, generate a graphical representation of waveforms of recorded signal, etc.);
  • COM /Component Object Model/ and based: ActiveX, OLE etc. - e.g. for design of controls;
  • DirectShow® - for processing audio and video signals;
  • Microsoft Fluent UI® - for the development of modern graphical user interfaces, e.g. based on the ribbons;
  • MySQL™ Connector - for the development of applications interacting with MySQL databases.

Software developed by us is adapted to work with pre-designed external devices or electronic systems to exchange information between them and the PC. For this purpose we create software function blocks supporting communication interfaces (depending on the project):

  • parallel (LPT);
  • serial (RS-232, USB).

On Customer’s special request we are also able to design Web applications using:

  • PHP;
  • MySQL (databases);
  • JavaScript (and JQuery library and its extensions);
  • CSS.


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