Our offer also includes the design of digital circuits in hardware description language (Verilog) for programmable logic structures CPLD / FPGA / PSoC. The systems we design are dedicated to specific tasks and may be used wherever very high speed of data processing is required and software algorithm (program executed on a microcontroller or microprocessor), is insufficient for its execution speed on CPU.

The advantage of these circuits over software solutions lies primarily in the fact that these systems have the ability to perform tasks in parallel (multiple simultaneous operations), while programs (code) designed to the same tasks are performed in sequence - instruction by instruction.

We execute projects of dedicated devices mainly for programmable structures companies such as Xilinx and Cypress. The implementation of the project includes creation of a concept of hardware solution, coding, simulation of correctness of actions, development of synthesis code, implementation on CPLD / FPGA / PSoC structures (specified by the Customer) and the creation of detailed documentation.


Advanced projects that we have completed so far – e.g.:

  • JPEG2000 hardware encoder that allows for lossless image compression;
  • Module forming part of PNG hardware encoder which implements lossless compression of data (Huffman coding).

Other projects, a/o:

  • hardware solution for communication with LCD display controller (Hitachi HD44780);
  • hardware design for UART serial interface.


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