We are specialized in automatic SMT assembly and THT assembly, carrying out orders of various types ranging from single prototype PCBs to mass production. Our offer is addressed primarily to manufacturers of:


  • lighting equipment,
  • industrial automation,
  • electronic equipment for industrial audio-video equipment/household appliances, automotive or medical.

We offer competitive prices and high quality service. With a modern assembly line equipped with a high-end system of laser centering and high definition vision system we are able to execute projects requiring high precision incorporating elements of very small dimensions (e.g. 0603, 0402, 0201 or even 01005), or a very small pitch (from 0.3 mm).

We offer a wide range of programming and design services. We have experience in development of:

  • embedded systems for most common microcontrollers (also specialized, e.g. DSP), from simple to advanced solutions based on real-time systems (eg. FreeRTOS, uLinux);
  • application for Microsoft Windows® systems;
  • Web applications.

We also design:

  • electronic devices (creation of block diagrams, PCB projects, preparation of documentation, adapting projects to possibilities of production line);
  • dedicated digital circuits in hardware description languages (HDL) for CPLD / FPGA structures.

Interesting projects we have been executed:

  • control and monitoring system for neonatal incubator;
  • portable ECG recorder (Holter ECG) equipped with a wireless connection;
  • software for Microsoft Windows® for EHG signal processing (electrohysterography);
  • hardware solution of JPEG 2000 digital encoder that performs lossless image compression;
  • hardware solution for a module forming part of PNG digital encoder designed to lossless image compression;

You are greatly welcome to use our services.